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As the seasons change, most of us get the urge to change our hair color -- and we should! Hair color that may work well with that summer glow may not be perfect for the cooler months when your skin tone can lighten one or two shades. Whether its adding a few warm babylights or deepening the color all over.  

I know what you blondes are thinking...don’t think this means you need to go brown. Adding a few warmer babylights may be all you need to give you a more sophisticated look after losing that summer tan.

For the brunettes...darken it up, but also lighten it up a little bit. Adding some slightly lighter pieces around the crown and face will  give it a little added sparkle.

Redheads need a little change as well... Think warm and rich. Perhaps a hue of chestnut in your hair to cozy things up.  For those that have light or fair skin tones a deep red tone will warm things up for you when the weather get cooler.

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