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Redken Extreme shampoo is number one on my list.  Why I love it...it really has saved my life (my hair life, that is) on so many occasions.  Not only am I a hairstylist that loves to color other people's hair, I love to color my own hair.  As I always say, “if you are looking for a change, but don’t know, color your hair. It’s the one thing you can (usually) change back if you don’t like it.  Haircut’s have to grow out.  It will definitely give you a new look”  With that though, comes with home maintenance!  You would not by a Bently and put no fault insurance on it, why would you spend good hard earned cash on something and not fully take care of it?  I’ve tried other “repair” shampoos and honestly nothing compares.  NOTHING!  I do have about 3 other shampoos in my shower on a regular basis, but Extreme is definitely a staple for all color treated hair.


For the same reason I love the Extreme Shampoo is exactly why I love Redken’s Extreme Mega Mask.  When your hair needs extra help this bad boy (Mask) will provide 15x stronger hair!

Sebastian Drench shampoo and Sebastian Drench conditioner is another one of my top products. If your hair is like most in this crazy Michigan weather...DRY...then this wonderful duo will make your hair feel so good you will want to buy it by the gallon so you don’t ever run out.  It has the absolute perfect about of moisture without weighing your hair down.


Not all styling products have a heat protector so prime away!  Shake well before applying to towel dried hair and before any styling products, primers like Sebastian Trilliant separate and need to be shaken well before each use.  Not only do primers help with heat protection (which is necessary to prevent damage) but primers like this one will also add shine.  And who doesn’t love shiny hair!


I love a little (and sometimes, a lot) volume in my hair and quite frankly, I think I look better with fuller hair than flat hair. My face shape has a lot to do with that. I add it right after the primer and apply it to where ever volume is needed. For me that is on the top of my head.  My favorite one right now is an oldy but a goody...Redken Guts 10 because it sprays out for a more direct application.


While I love my hair with some volume, I also love it smooth and shiny. Don’t be afraid to apply more than one product to give you the exact look you want.  Unfortunately, one product will not do it all. Try Redken Velvet Gelatine 07, it gives you a bouncy and smooth look with added shine. I love it on just about all types of hair.  


After my hair is dry, a finishing product before the hairspray is always necessary.  I am loving Redken Wax Blast 10 (although it is considered a hairspray, only because of regulations around certain ingredients consider it a hairspray). It is more of a matte finish (I know, after shining it all up), it has texture, and it makes my style look a little more piecy, yet smooth.  

Hair Spray

I don’t always love a firm holding hairspray, in fact the style now is a softer look.  Which is why I love Redken Fashion Work 12.  Redken numbers there products based on hold.  12 is considered a medium hold, but to me it is on the lighter side of medium.  It’s workable and brushable and has a great shine to it.  

There is also a new product that I have to put on my top product list it is Redken’s No Blow Dry for all of us that want that wash a wear hair...this is the product for you.  It gives you a great, non product feel look on those days when time is short or if you just want to make your already non blown dried hair an upgrade. Apply to towel dry and and done!

Hot Tip: Try multiple products each day for a unique look.  When applying your wet styling products, try them in a different order and see how your hair can change according to the order applied to your hair.

I would love to hear from you and what you are using and in what order.  

Have fun and remember your hair is an accessory to your look!

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