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New Year’s resolutions (in my opinion) are just long, overdue excuses to get rid of bad habits or pick up new ones. So whether you are wanting to get rid of old hair habits or just trying to create better ones, here is a list of five suggested hair resolutions for you…

Be Brave is definitely going to be number 1.  I have had many people over the years (and this past year is no different) wanting to “do something different,” a new haircut or perhaps try a new color...but are too afraid. Promise yourself you are going to be more brave. There is no time like the present (and we don’t want to be on the other side of the grass with regrets) especially something like making a change with your hair.  If you want to make a change but don’t want to commit with color AND cut, I suggest color first. It sounds crazy, I know, but it’s the easiest thing to change back if you don’t like it.  Besides, if you’re not sure, just ask. I promise I will give you my honest and professional option.  Trust me, I want you to look your best, you have my work on your head and I do not want you to look bad!

Number 2 on my list: Restock your shelves...out with the old and in with the new.  Products that work for your old look that you had last summer, may not do the trick for your new look and the dry cold air.  Here is something else to think about, even though most professional products do not have an expiration date, they do get old.  You throw out your old groceries, and you should do the same each year with your beauty products. Not sure how to gage whether or not your products are a little too old? Ask yourself the following questions: Do they smell when you're using them? Have they been sitting in your closet for several years? If you answered yes to either question, it's time to throw it away! That goes for your tools as well -- your brushes, blowdryers, flat irons, etc. Unfortunately they all eventually stop performing as they once did when you originally purchased them. So, before they fall apart get new ones. Again, trust me here, products and tools used at the salon can -- and will -- make all the difference.

With your new look, resolution number 3 must be: Accept compliments.  I know, it’s hard, but your new look will come with a “WARNING: gorgeous hair will attract attention!” Walk tall and proud, your new look is going to be stunning.

Resolution number 4: I will start a new hair schedule.   You can’t have great looking hair without being on a scheduled plan.  You want your hair to stay looking good all month long, so please don’t wing it.  It’s so easy to fall into a pattern of lazy hair maintenance, think about it... how many times have you forgotten to make that next haircut or color appointment and are in a panic? If you fall out of a rhythm, it is so hard to recommit to something wonderful. So whether it is every four weeks or three months, I can help you figure out what is best for your hair and your wallet.  This is your year to get into the habit of a good hair regimen. Keeping up with your cut and colors really helps boost self-esteem! Trust me again, you will thank me later.

And number 5 on my list of suggested hair resolutions: Be Kind to your hair.  We put our hair through a lot. Seriously, I’m surprised I still have as much hair as I do with all the styling and color I put it through.  If you have been with me a long time, you know I have put my hair through the ringer, from blonde to red to brown... sometimes all in the same month! Holy crap, you are probably saying, but I really take care of my hair with all professional products and I take the time and the extra cash to treat it properly.  You can have lots of fun with your hair but resolve to be kinder to your hair with treatments and some time out from all the heat styling.

Make maintenance a priority!


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